Tuesday, March 03, 2015

My book is cancelled for now

I've concluded that there is little interest in a book written by a largely unknown cartoonist. The only market would be a handful of trolls. (Most of those trolls probably can't afford to buy a book). Therefore, I've put off publication indefinitely. This makes me sad because I worked hard on it. There's a lot of good content along with many new cartoons. Those cartoons will all be eagerly ripped off and changed into hate by trolls and then spread all over the Internet, so why bother publishing? No, I won't do that and make things worse.

My free speech has been destroyed mostly by weak, cowardly teenaged bullies--who feel strong and trumped up due to their Internet anonymity. Some are older and probably make minimum wage as a part of Obama's 'Cyber Warrior Team.' They're on hand to smear and discredit anyone who dares criticize the Traitor In Chief.

I guess they prefer to live under the Federal Reserve, a police state and a government-controlled Internet. They want free stuff and socialism at the cost of their liberty. There are some good young people out there who have expressed their support, but they seem to be outnumbered by those who seek endless laughter at my expense.

So there you have it...no book. I'm sure this will make many NEETs happy. Congratulations on your success.

--Ben Garrison

Friday, February 27, 2015

"Rogue Cartoonist, Internet Perils of a Citizen-Muckraker

I had originally intended to release an ebook, but now I will redesign it into a 9x12 paperback. It costs a lot of money to print it--especially in color, but I'll take the loss on it. I doubt I'll sell many copies, but I want to be the first published author in my family, so it will be completed sooner or later. The title of the book is "Rogue Cartoonist, Internet Perils of a Citizen-Muckraker." 

Here is a low-res version of the ebook cover. I still might do the ebook sometime after the physical book is printed. --Ben Garrison

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Obama's Moral Compass

Barack Obama is using a Cloward and Piven strategy to bring about (more) socialism for America. He feels no guilt for violating his oath of office. He lies to further his agenda, which is to bring destruction to the Republic as we know it. He's also most likely a Muslim. He was raised as a Muslim and has often expressed admiration for that faith. He has bowed to Saudi Royalty. There's nothing wrong with being a Muslim, but of course he has lied about that, too. He has no problem using a stolen social security number or releasing an obviously forged birth certificate document.

Impeach this man.

--Ben Garrison

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Where I get my ideas

People have asked me where I get my ideas. I do a lot of reading, for one thing. I listen to podcasts. Alex Jones inspired many of my cartoons because he often speaks using vivid metaphors. I get many ideas when I go on a daily walk. They often come in a flash. If I try to 'force' an idea, it never comes. I call it vertical vs. horizontal thinking. Artists use vertical thinking. Sometimes the ideas are somewhat vague at first, then they develop on their own in a random way.

Here is a case where I was inspired by a Star Trek episode, 'The Apple.' The inhabitants of the planet feed and pay tribute to 'Vol' who takes care of them in return. In our case, people often expect government to meet all needs and solve all problems, but in exchange people lose all freedom. The country becomes a banana republic. That's what the cartoon is about.

I have a cheap notebook in which I chicken scratch out some basic ideas. I've had many good ideas that have gone undrawn simply because of no time. I make no money from the cartoons and commercial art must come first.

Trolls such as Andrew Anglin claim I 'copy' a racist, anonymous cartoonist now known as Nick Bougas. It's a lie. Just because Bougas once drew a train means nobody else can ever draw a train? That's absurd. It’s my contention that Andrew Anglin is not a Nazi at all. He uses his silly, cartoon Nazi schtick as a means to troll. He knows hate pays and figured out he could make a living from doing what he loves best in life—trolling. That's why he drives hard to the donation hoop. You’ll see him often call his ‘troops’ out to troll various targets. When he himself is trolled he cries crocodile tears and fails to see the irony in his own hypocrisy. My lawyer said what he’s doing can be considered satire, but pasting my name onto A. Wyatt Mann cartoons and claiming I drew them crosses the line. He also publishes defaced cartoons which he claims are ‘originals’ and that is clearly libel. Again, I don’t want to censor anyone and they’re free to call me every name in the book. They can ridicule my cartoons all they like. Fine. I can take that. I can’t take them defacing my work and leaving my name on it and then claim it’s the original while mine are fake. If that’s not libel then libel does not exist.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

My Book

I'm in a bit of quandary about my book. I had been planning on publishing it as an ebook, but there are too many trolls chomping at the bit to rewrite it and then spread it about with a click of keystroke. I am not satisfied with the security measures involved, so I'm contemplating going to a printed format, which would make it somewhat harder for the trolls to pass around and deface. As a print artist, I'd rather use a 9x12 inch horizontal color format anyway. It's a more natural fit for the cartoons, but a physical book would be a lot more expensive. So I'm going to delay publication still further even though I'd rather finally get it over with...and publish it and sell my half dozen copies and be done with it. The trolls will still find a way to trash it in some manner, but there's nothing I can do about that. My editor told me he genuinely enjoyed the book and I believe he did even though he was paid to go through it. So a minute spark of hope remains that a few people might find it interesting.

One thing I've learned through crowdfunding: I'm not a public figure. That has now been proven. Sure, a few very generous people donated money, but most of them were friends and family. I was hoping sales of my book would further fund my plans to bring at least one of the trolls to justice. However, I've since concluded that there will be few buyers.

The painful truth is I'm now known as the cartoonist who gets trolled, not as a libertarian cartoonist. Trolls such as Andrew Anglin have been effective in their campaign of libel. My free speech has been compromised. Publishing a book will not repair that damage.

I will wait and decide how to proceed. There's not much of a market for editorial cartoons and few know who I am. I can't afford to spend a fortune on marketing that would probably prove to be ineffective. My spark of hope will soon be extinguished once I publish the thing--it will probably be a failure. Just like the crowdfunding. I've accepted that. I will publish it regardless once I decide on the format.

Old school editorial cartoonists are going away. We're not being replaced by young cartoonists. There's no money in it. There's never been any money it for me either, and I never expected to profit from the enterprise. That's not why drew them.

Once upon a time our country had two thousand PAID staff cartoonists working for newspapers. Now there's less than 40. Young people see conventional editorial cartoons as old fogey stuff. They expect editorial cartoons to be funny. Mine aren't. I'm not a comedian. Besides, kids these days seem to prefer crudely drawn 'memes' to communicate their dissatisfaction. They have a lot to be dissatisfied about. I tried to ring some alarm bells and warn them, but I guess it's easier to hurl gales of stupid laughter toward an old guy in a cowboy hat rather than deal with the painful reality described in his cartoons.

And so that's that. As much as I enjoy drawing cartoons, they have brought me a lot of aggravation as well as lost business. I will continue to draw them on occasion, but after the book is published I plan to spend more on my fine art. After all, I did sell two paintings last year.

--Ben Garrison

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Federal Reserve’s Fairy Godmother

Janet Yellen’s job is to distort reality and keep people believing that the Federal Reserve is an egalitarian, competent entity necessary for stable, sound money. It’s precisely the opposite. The Fed is in place to empower and enrich a tiny elite at the expense of most Americans. Since 1913 when it was allowed to gain control of our money, it has orchestrated booms, bust and endless war to enrich and empower the globalist bankers who own the Fed. Most Americans were asleep and didn’t realize they were slowly turned into slaves via the Fed's debt money. Now that they’re beginning to wake up to the greatest con game in world history, the Fed is anxious to proffer a counterfeit reality. They claim the economy is improving and, in fact, that it’s doing so well that they’ll need to raise interest rates ‘soon.’ This is a lie. The Fed can’t raise rates without making the rapidly expanding debt even more unmanageable. 

Meanwhile, the Fed continues to pump money into the stock market, which continues to go so high up it’s ready to leave the solar system. Quantitative Easing, a fancy phrase for money printing, has never ended. The Fed uses that money to prop up ’their' stock market while claiming it’s a sign of a booming economy. Who benefits the most? The 1 percenters who own most of the stocks. The central bank owners themselves are already unimaginably rich and they are enriching themselves still further. The 1 percent controls 40 percent of the nation’s wealth. They own most of the stocks while middle class America is going away. Most are living paycheck to paycheck while the rich get fabulously richer. The Fed would have us celebrate that fact. In fact, half of the wealth in the entire world is owned by 1 percent of the population.

Thanks to the Federal Reserve, the rich are getting incredibly richer. For them, things are ‘awesome.’ Bear that in mind during tax season. Your taxes aren’t needed. They could merely print up what they need. The national debt is beyond the point of no return. All taxes do is help pay for your own enslavement and globalist wars to protect the dollar hegemony. Taxes are in place as an enforcement tool. They’re there to waste your time and create fear. The tax code is impossible to understand. That’s intentional. Anyone could be painted as a tax cheat that way. They want us all to be criminals. If you don’t pay, the IRS can take your stuff. They can take your stuff on a whim anyway. You’re guilty until proven innocent. They claim the Income Tax is ‘voluntary,’ but few will refuse to volunteer because in realty the government has a gun to our collective heads. It’s a police state.

The Fed is anxious to prevent an ‘audit.’ No need to pull back the closed curtain to reveal their vast landscape of corruption. Remember this the next time the smiling Janet Yellen spouts her fairy tale of optimism to an obsequious Congress.

—Ben Garrison

Friday, February 13, 2015

Duke Ellington - Sweet Jazz O' Mine (1930)

Brought to you by Duke Ellington, the genius.