Monday, October 05, 2015

The Last Hand

Here's my latest painting, which I recently completed. It's a 30x40 inch oil painting on linen. Our son, who is here for a few days, saw the work and commented on two of the figures who were eyeing each other. He suggested the title, "The Last Hand" because sometimes poker games in the Old West involved gunplay.

I plan on getting a barn wood frame put on it when I can. I already have three more paintings sketched out. Fine art is my number one passion, but commercial art pays the bills and I am concentrating on that this week.

I also plan on drawing more cartoons and I've received several good ides from one of our Patreon members. There's just not enough time in the day for me to do all I want to do--and there's more sand in the bottom of my hour glass than at the top. It's a good thing I have a good work ethic!

This painting also features a man I've seen a few times at a local watering hole. He's the man on the left. Yes, you CAN capture the essence of likenesses using a cubist style.

Eventually I plan on reverting my site back to commercial art and I will resurrect I also have plans on finding another gallery next year. OR--if you galleries out there are smart--you'll come to me! After all, I've sold a lot of my work. This painting, once framed, will be offered for sale on my site.

--Ben Garrison

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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Freedom House and the Independent Gazette

Why support some independent journalists who get fabulously rich by pitching snake oil such as penis juice when you can help support REAL JOURNALISTS trying to make a difference? 

The publisher of the Independent Gazette paid us a visit here in Montana last spring. He could have retired in comfort but instead he saw the spreading corruption as our liberties were being stripped from us. He decided to do something about it and started a newspaper. Newspapers have closed down throughout the country. Readership has been in a long-term decline. Not so with the Independent Gazette. They believe in old-fashioned muckraking journalism, for which the general public is hungry. Their small chain of newspapers quickly became a success. Readership has grown by leaps and bounds. I had the privilege of redesigning the eagle at the top of their paper. 

They will now have a centralized location--the Freedom House--and it will also host a radio station that will broadcast liberty. These people are the real McCoy. They HAVE made and ARE making a difference. They aren't merely talking about it. They are about action. They deserve our support. 

So go ahead and donate a few bucks and ring that Freedom Bell!

--Ben Garrison

One of my original cartoons will be featured in the lobby of the Freedom House. I'm honored!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Patreon for GrrrGraphics

Hello everyone,

I am now on Patreon and I invite you to take a look. I will draw the cartoons that the MSM won't draw. Anti-Federal Reserve cartoons. Anti-New World Order cartoons. Anti-gun confiscation cartoons. Anti-crony capitalism cartoons. Pro-freedom and liberty cartoons.

I have also been selling some of my original cartoons, and to my biggest fan (you know who you are) who has been buying them--a big THANK YOU . Every original cartoon offered on eBay has sold.

We are on Patreon in order to develop a stronger internet voice and fanbase.  We intend to reclaim our true Internet identity and become louder than any troll voice.  Our fanbase on social media continues to grow daily and we’ve received a great response. However, it takes time to draw the cartoons and encouragement alone doesn’t pay the bills. It requires money to host and maintain a website as well as purchase computer equipment and art supplies.

Expanding and connecting with our growing fan base in a creative and entertaining way is our goal on Patreon. We plan on offering rewards and a unique interaction with those who are willing to support us. This may include offering sketches and original cartoons, signed prints and special deals on souvenir items. One of our long-term goals is offering a ‘coffee table’ book of cartoons.  Memberships are monthly, you can change to a higher or lower level at anytime! 

We welcome your suggestions, your ideas and your support

--Ben and Tina Garrison

We are selling signed high-quality prints as well as original cartoons. So far, we've had a great response!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Tears of a Clown

John Boehner is known not just for his ridiculous, deep-orange suntans or his inability to restrain his tears, but also as a ‘consensus builder.’ Some Republicans might interpret that as an Obama butt kisser. Regardless, he’ll be resigning from Congress around Halloween. Many Republicans will say ‘good riddance.’ Now Boehner can enjoy a lucrative retirement while playing on the golf course with Obama.

Boehner epitomized 'consensus.' The MSM tells us that's a 'good thing.' That is, both parties working together to strip away our liberty while impoverishing the middle class with lies, open borders, 'free trade' (shipping jobs overseas). Both parties clamped down on dissent by bringing about a police state and an atmosphere of 'political correctness.' You don't like what's going on? You don't like big government getting bigger? You're labeled 'stupid.' You're labeled a 'racist.' You're labeled an 'extremist.' Nowadays just supporting the Constitution can get you labeled a 'Constitutionalist,' which is meant to be disparaging!

Meanwhile, both parties work together to increase the advantage of the globalist banksters while the rest of us become debt slaves. 

Boehner will retire with a comfy pension and plenty of perks. He'll be laughing--not crying--all the way to the bank.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Why I No Longer Listen to You, Alex Jones

Alex, you said a lot of good things that helped wake people up to what's really going on. You helped explain Agenda 21, the New World Order and the Bilderberg conspiracy among many other things that are never mentioned in the mainstream media. I began listening to you back around 2009 when my brother (who lives in Austin) told me about your podcasts. Your metaphors provided a lot of ideas for my cartoons. You even published my cartoons in an early edition of your slick magazine.

However, I stopped listening to you this year for a variety of reasons. Here are the top 10:

1. You rant and rave like a crazy man. You make anyone who agrees with what you say look like the lunatic fringe. In other words, anyone who says the same things you're saying is painted as a conspiracy theory kook. You discredit us by your bull-horned, massive meltdown behavior.

2. I can no longer take your gravelly voice. Your crying. Your constant talking over your guests who have important things to say. Your screaming. Your Jerry Springer-like sensationalism. At times you sound like an insane person. I had enough of it. Is that your real voice or is it an affectation? Do you act like this on purpose? Is it part of your schtick to gain attention? Real men don't talk like that, Alex. You discredit anyone who supports the Constitution as a nut case.

3. OK, so you had an affair with a young, sexy broadcaster whom you personally hired. Did you hire her for that purpose? Did you hire her because sex sells? No matter--I don't care. Long-term marriages are difficult. I get that. You were bull horny. Men are easily distracted and weak when it comes to that sort of thing. What bothered me was that you were painting yourself as a faithful Christian family man at the same time you were banging your big-boobed employee. That's what wasn't cool, Alex.

4. You tout yourself as a big man--macho. You have several times mentioned stuff such as your desire and ability to pound heads into concrete. Yeah, my dad was the same way. He was a violent, tough, rugged SOB... a real he-man. But he was weak inside. Are you that way as well? Why else would you lift weights? To show off your big muscles? You are strong!--a macho man! Come off it, man. In actuality, you have a weight problem. You are no longer that handsome young man that made it easy for you to get women. You're short. You have small hands. Accept your physical limitations. If a man has to brag about how big and tough he his, he's not much of a man. Sorry Alex--but that phony macho bullshit doesn't impress me.

5. Penis juice. 'Male vitality.' Really Alex? When you came out with that shilling, I had enough. I know you need to sell vitamins, herbs and juices to fund your big operations, but faux viagra? No thanks. I was not about to listen to you pitching snake oil. The over-priced herbal supplements you pitch have no proven efficacy whatsoever.

6. You got rich while claiming all money would go to fighting the New World Order. Uh huh. I saw your mansion. I saw you did very well and that you were worth $8 million. It's fine to make a living from what you are doing. You need to support your family. But come on--you became a star and your ego bloated up and you wanted to luxuriate just like the corrupt 1 percenters you railed against. I'd also like to make a living by drawing anti-Fed cartoons. You got rich railing against the central bankers and I got my reputation ruined--I became broke. Resentment on my part? I guess, but I followed your advice when you said everybody can do something. I did and my reputation was smeared while at the same time you became fabulously rich. Remember all those times you said you turned down offers to become the next Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh because you weren't in it for fame or money but rather to fight the New World Order?

7. Your lack of ANSWERS. You tell people to resist and be non violent, blah blah blah. At the same time you faithfully pay your taxes and pay obeisance to the system. You were rewarded with a comfortable living, stardom and riches. You did suggest that little people like me--powerless people--can do something. I've been trying. I don't see you trying other than pitching your videos and products so you can get rich.

8. Money bomb to pay for your divorce. You paid your ex-wife a fortune and you still must pay a humongous monthly alimony/child support payment for many years. Suddenly you announce a big money bomb. Coincidence? Really, Alex?

9. You're a fear monger. There's a lot to be afraid of, but you promote fear to get people to pay you money. Again, not cool.

10. You and your guests pumped silver and gold for years. Particularly silver. Going to $500, huh? went to $14. Many working class people can't afford precious metals and you were pushing it at the top. Many got stuck. Apology? Were you wrong? I haven't heard you mention it.

I sent you a signed copy of my book and you never acknowledged it. I didn't expect acknowledgement. You are a busy man. You had a big impact on my cartoons, but now I will move on in my own direction. You are still a relatively young man. Come clean, Alex. Acknowledge your weakness and failings. Stop trying to rub shoulders with movie stars. Stop trying to be a big shot. Tell people on the air that you are subject to human frailty like the rest of us. Ask your listeners for forgiveness. I, however, won't be listening. --Ben Garrison

Petrenko Solves the Shostakovich Symphony No. 5 Puzzle

Shostakovich's masterpiece, Symphony No. 4, was suppressed as being 'formalist.' It would not be heard in the Soviet Union for nearly 30 years. The Soviet authorities forced Dimitri to deliver something 'understandable.' He delivered. His 5th is perhaps his most popular symphony and it was instantly recognized as a great work. During its premiere, the audience was touched to the point of tears by the third movement--an elegy to the populace suffering under Stalin's tyranny. People 'got it.' The ending, however, is commonly seen as the 'weak link.' It didn't seem to match the rest of the work's seriousness. The ending in particular was often panned by critics, but in reality Shostakovich made it loud and simple on purpose. He was, after all, under orders. The string section's repeating note at the end seemed to say, "There. Is this simple enough for you?" 

The problem with the ending has now been resolved by Petrenko. He is a great conductor and he realized that, by slowing the tempo down considerably, it would make the ending match the rest of the symphony. It is now something monumental and profound. I only wish Shostakovich himself could hear what Petrenko has done. I'm sure the composer would be very pleased, indeed. Bravo, Petrenko. Bravo!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Rate Hike: Crying Wolf

Lew Rockwell writes,

 "Once again the Fed’s bite has failed to live up to its bark. Despite months of expectations that it would finally raise rates for the first time since 2006, the Fed continued to sit on its hands while pointing to some unspecified date in the future when all the economic and financial stars will align in a way that makes a 25 basis point increase appropriate. Am I the only one getting bored by the repetition?”

No, Lew, you aren’t the only one. I’ve been following their farce for quite a while. The Fed keeps barking about a rate hike wolf, but that’s all it is—barking. If the rate hike cycle DID return, the wolf would blow down the Fed pigs' house of straw. There’s simply way too much debt built up and rising rates would make that debt worse. It would crash the economy still further.

Savers are desperate to get some kind of return on their money. They get a fraction of a percentage while at the same banks gouge people with an average of 18 percent on their credit cards. The banks create money out of thin air due to fractional reserve banking and the people get the shaft. And before you tell me it’s the peoples’ fault for getting in credit card debt to start with, let me say many can’t find a job and if they can it’s part time and/or close to minimum wage. The under 5% employment the Fed brags about? More smoke and mirrors and data distortion. In other words, they’re lying. The economy is not humming along, or they would have raised interest rates years ago.

A record number of years at zero interest rates has not helped the economy. It has only helped the the super rich get more rich. Besides, if things are so rosy as the Fed tells us, why the perpetual ‘emergency’ zero rate position? The Fed continues to lie about economic data to help prop up their market and to pretend they’re ‘in control.’ They’re losing control and they have no more ammo. They have no leverage. They no longer have any credibility. They can’t lower rates without raising them first. They’re pushing on a string. They’re kicking a can down the road. They want to keep their corrupt casino game going for as long as possible. It’s a game that benefits an elite at the top while impoverishing the middle class.

 Yellen even talked about sparking inflation. This is clearly against the Federal Reserve Act and when the Fed says its inflation goal is 2 percent annually they’re really saying, “If you save $10,000 today, we want it to be worth $9,800 at the end of the year. The missing $200 is theft. Quoting Karl Deninger, "It is a giant middle finger erected toward every person in this nation and has stolen trillions of dollars of your, my, and everyone else's money over the last 100 years.” 

The Fed’s mandate is to keep money stable. Instead, since the Fed got established just over 100 years ago, they devalued the dollar 98%. They installed a gestapo-IRS to intimidate Americans. The IRS is the real wolf in this situation. The Fed also created booms and busts instead of preventing them. The Fed is an abject failure.

 It’s time to end the destructive sham known as the Federal Reserve along with the pernicious IRS. Return the oversight of money to Congress where it belongs. —Ben Garrison

Friday, September 11, 2015

Joshua Goldberg, Glue-Sniffing Troll ARRESTED

UPDATE: Joshua Goldberg is confirmed as being European88, a troll who created hate screed boxes with my face and name on them. This garbage still abounds on Google searches. He also went by 'maymayposter' and Michael Slay, and he tricked the master troll, Andrew Anglin. Goldberg wrote essays for The Daily Stormer under the name of Slay. Andrew Anglin supposedly hates Jews, but he continues to harbor defamation against me including many disgusting meme images created by Goldberg. TAKE THAT LIBEL DOWN, ANDREW!
Goldberg was also many other sock puppets, both male and female. Goldberg apparently enjoyed plenty of lulz from his trolling, which became so extreme that he was toying with murder. Now he can laugh his way straight into prison!

UPDATE 2: Joshua Goldberg was also behind the "Goldman Sachs Paper Rain" series of pages on Facebook during 2014. Many iterations were removed, but he had a lot of followers and the exact same tone of voice he used for European88. That is, very arrogant, profane and racist. He attacked me regularly on the page and pushed FB's community standards envelope. When his page got removed, he would simply start another one with a variant title such as "Goldman Sachs Paper Tornado." He would often 'tease' the moderators by posting pornography and extremely violent content and then remove the content within an hour or two. Now that he's been arrested, the attacks on me by 4chan 'anons' have also greatly diminished. He was a 1-man anonymous army who attacked me as often as he could. Why? Because I don't think hate speech belongs on Facebook. By 'hate speech,' I mean calling for the murder of human beings, which was routine for Goldberg.

Here the keyboard coward twists the truth in order to get 4chan to attack me. He succeeded. (I never 'backtraced' anyone on 4chan).

My reaction upon hearing news of Joshua Goldberg's arrest:

I recognized his name. I especially recognized his Facebook icon because he was a troll that repeatedly attacked my wife Tina and me on our Facebook and Twitter pages. He routinely accused me of being anti-semitic, a 'Nazi,' a 'racist' and so forth. We saved evidence of this and I'm still investigating whether or not he is also the despicable troll who calls himself 'European88.' My cyber investigator found that European88 was based in New Zealand or Australia. He was either a retired real estate lawyer venting his racism, or it could have been his son doing the mischief. That could all be completely wrong. Goldberg is a young punk from Florida who carried his trolling too far. I hope you get what you deserve, Joshua! Take a good whiff of prison!

I'll continue my investigation. I'm also going to update my ebook...probably sometime next month. This will be included.

Many on 4chan and 8chan have claimed that it was a Jewish troll who began defacing my cartoons and libeling me. I have no way of proving that, but in this case they may have been right. Sorry, but I'm not about to hate 'Jews,' merely because one of them was a pathetic twerp and punk troll. 

Apparently this bag filled with scum also used my name while setting up his myriad accounts to stir up shit and get others to attempt bombings and murder for him.

Here's Joshua Goldberg attacking me because of Jeff Rense was the first 'big name' site to publish one of my cartoons. I admire Rense's determination to release news on Fukushima when other MSM 'journalists' ignore it altogether. I don't agree with Rense's anti-Zionism. Goldberg used the instance to defame me. Notice he posted this on the Goldman Sachs Paper Rain page. At that time, I was under ruthless attack by the entity behind this page--and I repeatedly filed claim forms with Facebook to get such material removed.

This is the same black background used by European88 on his vitriolic hate screeds to defame me.

Here the little bastard used my name to set up accounts

The tissue of lies runs deep. While pretending to be a white supremacist Australian, he also published articles on 'The Daily Stormer' and was part of Andrew Anglin's 'troll army.' He went by the handles of European88 and 'maymayposter' on Reddit. He used both of his handles to attack me repeatedly. His modus operandi was to also steal names and photos and create Facebook and Twitter pages/accounts to defame his targets. One troll can do a lot of damage and this young cretin made it his life's mission to stir up shit. Apparently as he aged and continue to 'get away' with it, he decided to up the ante and instigate terrorism and murder.

I penned an imaginary troll when I drew this cartoon. As it turned out, Joshua Goldberg was one of my biggest tormentors and he had hair just like the troll in the cartoon.

Quinn Norton wrote a short essay in which she hinted at worse things to come from Internet trolling and their identity fraud. In the case of Joshua Goldberg, she was right. He took sadistic pleasure in the creation of arson fires on the Internet. He stoked fires. He liked to watch things burn. He carried his trolling to such an extreme that he began encouraging murder. 


Social media generates these doppelgängers, memes are constructed of these doppelgängers. Increasingly they have a network life without us, looking like us, being talked to (and sometimes replying) as us. Some are better than we are, and some are Zyklon Ben. Some are trapped, and some slowly trap ussignaling terrible things, just as doppelgängers always did. Figuring out how to manage these rogue instantiations of our identities could be one of the more difficult tasks of 21st century life. When they are constructed by bureaucracies, like innocent victims of the no-fly list and cases of terrorist mistaken identity, they can be even worse and more dangerous than Zyklon Ben. --Quinn Norton

Here is Goldberg on our banned list. "Moon Metropolis" was just one of his many handles.

I'm now updating my book, 'Rogue Cartoonist,' since I know know the true identity of one my main tormentors, European88.