Monday, August 25, 2014

Meanwhile, in Andrew Anglin's basement...”Go away, hatin!'”

Here's a sample cartoon that will be in my ebook. Andrew Anglin continues to attack me on his site, but people are catching on that his site publishes nothing but hate and lies. He knows I'm not a public figure, so he can get away with publishing malice, which in reality is nothing but defamation and libel.

"Go away!...hatin'!"

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hate speech is not free speech

Trolls continue to spread the lie that Ben Garrison is against 'free speech.' Not so! It is true that I'm against 'hate speech.' It's my prerogative to exercise my free speech to counter hate speech. In my opinion, hate speech has no place on social media. If Nazis want to stamp their collective feet in hatred, let them do it on their own sites and servers. They can knock themselves out there, but they're not satisfied with that--they want to spew their acidic hate as far as possible. That being said, they don't 'own' Facebook where community standards are clearly stated.

Oh sure, 'hate speech' is legal, all right. At least in America. But it's not free. Someone pays a price. The trolls' targets pay a cost when cyber reputations get destroyed and businesses get ruined. There's a cost of TIME when the trolls' targets must spend countless hours removing libel and filth. This is time lost that could have been spent doing something productive. Some of the trolls' targets pay the ultimate price--suicide. Sorry, trolls, I won't be doing that. I have too much work left to do. I have paintings to paint and cartoons to draw.

The trolls will never stop trolling me. They will never stop defacing my cartoons. They will never stop posting my face with 'meme' boxes and fake quotes claiming I'm calling for mass murder. To me, using someone else as a cover to call for mass murder is not satire. It's not funny. It's puerile sadism and malice. I will never stop trying to get such libel removed.

Andrew "Andre" Anglin claims it's all in good fun--satire. Just a good chortle. Anglin considers the call for the murder of millions and starting a race war is fine as long as he calls it 'satire.'

Andrew Anglin uses me, Ben Garrison, as a mask or foil to reveal his true feelings: An ugly, bitter hatred toward jews and others who don't happen to be part of his 'race.' (It has been said that he himself doesn't look 'white,' which must grate on him). He claims the holocaust is a hoax, but he'd be first in line to start another one if given the chance.

Anglin was running defaced cartoons well before he claimed it was 'justified' because of his claim that I'm against free speech. He screams loudly and spurts crocodile tears when his precious hate gets threatened. He whines that I'm against free speech, but he's the first to trample upon mine by running defaced cartoons and stamping the Ben Garrison name onto any sort of hogwash and trash in order to attract eyeballs to his dull and deadly site while begging for dough. He hopes someone will toss spare change his way. Yeah, it appears that hate is all about money, too. He's the one chasing that rolling nickel down the street.

If Anglin had Hitler-like powers, he would end free speech in one big damn hurry. Fortunately, the young man has no power outside of his boring Daily NutJob site. It's filled with pejorative and ad hominem attacks masquerading as journalism.

Please young people, do not follow such diminutive men (literally and metaphorically) who push small, hateful and long-discredited ideologies. They are trying to put old, rotten wine back into old, cracked bottles. There are big problems that require our attention. Do not let your attention get diverted by mindless hatred.

I will continue to draw anti-Federal Reserve and anti-statism cartoons. I will continue to criticize both Republicans and Democrats. Many thanks to everyone who understands the situation and rest assured I'm not against free speech and reasoned debate. I am also not against jews. I've known many during my newspaper career and they have been some of the finest people I've ever met. Including Steve Greenberg--even though I rarely agreed with the cartoons he penned.

--Ben Garrison

P.S. Stay tuned for my ebook!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Coming Soon

I'm working on a book that will come out some time this fall. It will contain new cartoons, my story, fun stuff and good reading. ;-)

Stay tuned! --Ben Garrison

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Does the two party system work?

I often receive email with suggestions for cartoons. Many are good ideas that require a little development. Many go undrawn simply because I don't have the time. Lance sent me an an excellent idea that I quickly drew. It shows how voters habitually insist on validating the R. vs. D., left vs. right paradigm with their votes. They have allowed themselves to be imprisoned by the two parties.

The two corrupt parties will often use their power to exclude third party candidates. This has to stop. This country needs a viable third party. The Libertarian Party. --Ben Garrison

Monday, July 14, 2014

Zero Hedge

Thanks to for republishing my cartoon.

I have not penned a lot of new cartoons this year, but I do have a lot of good ideas for more and will be drawing them soon. I also have an ebook in the works.

--Ben Garrison

Monday, July 07, 2014

Cartoonist and muckraker--soon to return!

Thursday, July 03, 2014

As many of my friends know, I've been the target of vicious attacks by trolls. It has been going on for nearly five years. Their goal is to ruin my online reputation and 'turn' me into a Nazi. The name 'Ben Garrison' the artist has been ruined. Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous--and it is ridiculous. My father was a WWII vet who was part of a generation who fought against such fascism. My best friend's grandfather was in a Nazi prison camp. I detest Nazis. Hitler destroyed Germany. The good people in that country unfairly continue to endure the shame he caused. Hitler deserves perpetual condemnation--NOT praise. Yet the new Nazis attempt to influence young minds and draw them to their cause on places such as the 4chan 'pol' board. Let me clue you young people in: Hitler was NOT cool. He killed millions of innocent men, women and children.

I detest and condemn the neo-Nazi's attempts to rewrite history and claim the holocaust never happened. It did happened. It was documented by the US Army and many others. It's a fact of history. I've seen the Nazis make fun of it. They've made fun of Anne Frank. They are disgusting. They are the lowest of the low. Please young people--do not go down this path. It leads toward destruction. We human beings are all the same species. We all experience the same emotions. We are all capable of great things. Let's all advance in consciousness. Hate is not a high level of consciousness.

As an artist and cartoonist, I want to seek out truth. In my quest to do this, I've been smeared, defamed and libeled as an an anti-semitic racist by young chuckleheads who do it for the 'lulz.' This can happen to any citizen journalist. The haters detest those of us who attempt to ring alarm bells. Those of us who are presumptuous enough to think we can 'make a difference' are targeted most of all. We are not perfect and they look for weaknesses to exploit. "AHA!" He or she said or linked to this, that or the other...therefore they're worthy of our attack!"

Who are the trolls? Most likely they are frustrated young people leading empty, dead-end lives. They are extremely unhappy. They are pizza deliverers and burger flippers with no future. Those that try to help them are hated the most. Someone told me I should pity them. These young people think they can't make a difference and detest those who try.

The Nazis are a different story. They are few and most people ignore them. They are either laughed at and/or scorned. Rightfully so. Their ideology is empty. Their art is empty. There was a thread on one Nazi board where they talked about art. It was so crude and ignorant that my sides left the galaxy. The consciousness of these Nazis (if they have such a thing) is low. From them it's nothing but hate hate hate. BUT...they now have a loud voice on the internet due to the fact that they enjoy relative anonymity. 

I remain a libertarian cartoonist. I am for freedom. With freedom comes responsibility. Freedom of speech does not mean people are free to further their cause by destroying the reputations of others with lies. 

Ben Garrison